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Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms is one of the most potent strains of psilocybin cubensis. It comes from the famous albino penis shrooms, but this variant is said to have the highest potency with a bluish blue coloration.

Cultivation of APE mushrooms

P.cubensis is generally not particularly demanding to grow, but APE is an exception. Part of the difficulty is that it rarely releases fertile spores, so other methods of propagation are usually necessary. It is also curious about its food, which often fares poorly on popular substrates such as pies.

Even when everything is going right, APE takes a long time to grow and bursts tend to be small. It’s considered a novelty, something that people growing to sell don’t necessarily have to bother with, and nothing a beginner should have to deal with. Instead, APE is a great strain for experienced growers who want a challenge and are looking forward to some very strong shrooms at the end of the process.

The advantage of APE is that it is a robust fungus, able to tolerate conditions (such as excessive heat, such as when a heater fails) that would kill almost any other type of crop; poor growing conditions or detergent residues can cause deformed fruiting bodies, but there is a harvest.

All this is not to say that careful attention to temperature, humidity and other details is unimportant – APE will perform better if it is well cared for.

APE, like other hallucinogenic mushroom species, is illegal to grow or possess in many places. “Property” includes growing mushrooms. And yet, in many jurisdictions, possession of the spores is perfectly legal because the law deals with hallucinogenic substances, not the fungus that produces them.

The mushroom contains banned substances, so the mushroom is just as illegal as a bottle of liquid psilocybin. However, spores can’t make a person trip – they don’t contain any of the active ingredients, so the law doesn’t care (again, there are exceptions). This is why it is legal to sell, even advertise, grow kits that, if used as directed, put the user at serious legal risk.

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