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Buy Cambodian Cubensis Mushrooms : The Cambodian Cubensis mushroom is another popular variety of magic mushroom known for its potency and high levels of psilocybin. Cambodian Cubensis mushrooms originate from Khmer temples in Cambodia, from where they made their way to North America. This mushroom strain in particular provides users with an amazing visual and energetic experience, making it great for a trip to nature. We advise consumers to start slowly and know their dose, although this mushroom provides great visual effects, you will not hallucinate. This makes them perfect for social environments or for walks in nature with friends.

Cambodian mushrooms Cubensis

P.cubensis may be the most popular hallucinogenic mushroom in the world. These are usually referred to by phrases like “magic mushrooms” and “mushrooms”, and their pale brown caps and net-like partial veil adorn art inspired by the trip. There are other active mushrooms—dozens of other Psilocybs and some toadstools (these contain moscimol rather than psilocybin and thus have very different effects)—but P. cubensis grows wild almost all over the world and many cultivated strains have been developed.

One of these tribes is the Cambodian, which actually originates from Cambodia. It is said to have been a natural variation discovered growing wild near the famous Angkor Wat, collected and then cultivated. It is known for its rapid colonization and growth, as well as its energetic, creative power.

Whether this or any other strain of P. cubensis actually produces a high difference from all other strains. Efficacy certainly varies, but at an equivalent dose would the effects really be different? The short answer is yes, because biochemistry and the current psychological state of the user also play a role. But can the user choose their trip by choosing the right strain? Some users say of course not; a cube is a cube is a cube. Others say the choice of strain makes a difference – and many say Cambodian is their favorite strain.


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